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What is Digital Smile Design?

Today’s perfect smile means so much more than clean white teeth, correcting crookedness, and solving spacing concerns. Our team at Dr. Bateson’s practice keeps up with the latest and greatest in technology to deliver dentistry that is state-of-the-art. With that promise comes incorporating products, processes, and programs that are created to elevate appearance while dealing with dental needs simultaneously. Utilizing Digital Smile Design (DSD) is one way we are able to craftily customize our patients’ ideal smiles, starting with photos and digital impressions and resulting in a remarkable outcome.

DSD is a form of functional and aesthetic dentistry that is undoubtedly advantageous to patients. With a sophisticated structural evaluation and back-and-forth communication between our team and our patients, DSD uses the virtues of virtual design to enhance dentistry with modernity and high-tech solutions.

As the process unfolds, photos and videos are at the core of creating a beautiful smile that takes the shape and structure of the teeth, lips, gums, and facial characteristics into account to achieve the ultimate in aesthetics. Facial movement and the patient’s personality are evaluated so the results will be natural and beautiful.

Before committing to the treatment, a plastic prototype is created so patients can “test drive” their soon-to-be new smile. Tweaks can be taken into account to further perfect the outcome so patients are completely onboard with the plan for their new smile. There will not be any surprises or shocking results, since patients will already know what’s to come, as their restoration or enhancement is walked through every step of the way.

Digital technology analysis is thoughtfully changing the face of dentistry, and your appearance will reap the rewards of DSD’s innovative and in-touch approach. Dr. Bateson is pleased to offer this level of advancement to her patient family.

digital smile design
Digital Smile Design
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