Our Mission Statement

Dr. Angela Bateson, DDS is a Complete Health Dentist. Our office recognizes the systemic health of a patient is affected by their oral health. Studies show chronic inflammation overwhelms the body resulting in autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, pancreatic cancer, preterm labor and more.

We believe identifying and treating infection in the mouth will calm the body’s inflammatory response to prevent and decrease disease symptoms. We also believe dentists should be a partner in the complete health of a patient. Studies show treating infection in the mouth can help patients improve blood sugar levels and lower inflammatory response.

Our office uses a Healthy Mouth Baseline to show you what is healthy and what is diseased. We will take and consider your Medical history, list of medications, blood pressure, 3D scans, X-rays, and photos to share with you. Together, we can design a plan to eliminate disease and infection in the mouth thereby decreasing chronic inflammation in the body.

Meet Dr. Angela Bateson

At Dr. Bateson’s office, we strive to meet your needs and provide you with exceptional dental care that can fit into your lifestyle and budget.

Dr. Bateson was named in the “Top 40 Dentists Under 40” by industry leader Benco Dental in their Fall 2011 issue of Incisal Edge, as a future leader of the industry who is making her mark. Dr. Bateson has received training in the 50 most prescribed drugs from the Dawson Academy and has taken multiple dental implant courses, comprehensive treatment planning courses, clinical management of TMJ disease courses, and multiple root canal courses. Along with this continued education, she is compassionate and understands the needs of your growing child and of older patients with worn teeth, who may require more complex treatments.

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