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What is an Intraoral Camera and What Can It Do?

The intraoral camera we use during your oral exam is about the size of a standard pencil and accesses the less visible areas of the mouth that are not as easy to see with the naked eye alone. Call them the “nooks and crannies” if you will. The intraoral camera is a camera and light in one clever device, and the precise images obtained are immediately transmitted to a computer screen or monitor right in the dental exam room. We will look at these images with you, explain to you what we are seeing on the screen, and plan for your follow-up treatment if necessary, depending on our findings. With an intraoral camera, we can capture fractured/cracked teeth, cavities, abscesses, and other dental issues you may not have even known you were dealing with in the first place. This helpful device enables Dr. Bateson to better explain her diagnosis to you and therefore involve you in being proactive in your dental treatment.

The intraoral camera is painless, precise, quick, and easy—something every patient clearly appreciates. Since it is so small, it fits easily inside your mouth and we can observe everything orally. And don’t worry, with this camera, we won’t make you say, “Cheese!” before we take the picture! Unless you want us to, of course.

intraoral camera