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What are Digital X-rays and Their Benefits?

Using digital X-rays means less radiation exposure to our patients. This protects your overall health, which is our primary concern. We still need to take X-rays, but when we can take them with less effect on your body, we feel so much better about it. And so will you.

Traditional/conventional X-ray film requires more radiation. It’s just the way they are designed. But with the modernized digital method that we use at our practice, radiation exposure is decreased by as much as 90%. That’s a major difference; something we don’t take lightly. Additionally, the way we can view the digital X-rays is more advanced and transparent – via a computer screen right here in the office, and you can view right along with us. This process is much faster and more convenient for everyone. The images of your teeth and jaw bones can be seen more clearly thanks to clever computer enhancement. Also, diagnoses are easier to determine, sometimes right on the spot. As we see everything on the computer screen and we discuss your dental issues, you will feel more empowered and educated to make healthy decisions. Together, we can be confident in our diagnosis and dental treatment plans for you and your family.

Taking digital X-rays is more comfortable than traditional images you may have had in the past, perhaps even here at our practice a while back. But times have changed for the better, providing a pain-free experience you can look forward to. Since taking X-rays is so important, we are pleased that we can offer our patients this digital advancement, which is not only more appealing, but safer and more efficient.

If you have any questions or concerns about digital X-rays and what’s involved, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can contact [link to Contact Us Page] the office before your dental exam or talk with us while you are here for a checkup.

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