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Complete Oral Exams and Cleaning Appointments

When you come in for your oral exam and cleaning appointment at Dr. Bateson’s office, you will be in-the-know every step of the way. Your mouth will be carefully assessed for everything from signs of gum disease to cavities that may have crept in, to potential issues with your jaw, such as TMJ. As an added benefit we will also perform an oral cancer screening at no additional cost to you. Peace of mind is important, so we always do this screening at every appointment.

Teeth cleaning will get your smile sparkling but there is so much more to a cleaning than aesthetics alone. Getting a deep clean along and beneath the gum line, removal of unhealthy and unsightly plaque, and doing away with food particles and debris that may be stuck between teeth will protect your mouth from potential gum disease and/or tooth decay.

Do Oral Exams Include X-rays?

Yes, your teeth will be X-rayed during your oral exam. Along with a set of X-rays, a cavity detecting laser will be used as well as an intra-oral camera so we can examine areas not as easy to see with the naked eye alone. You will be able to see what we see in your mouth when we project onto a monitor with the intra-oral camera. When your thorough examination is complete, you will leave with that wonderful clean-mouth feeling. Also, you’ll know nothing’s left unfinished and you’ll never feel unsure of what we’ve done and what’s to come.

What Else Will My Oral Exam and Cleaning Appointment Entail?

With Dr. Bateson and her team, you overall health is part of every great dental exam. A thorough visit is vital for your well-being, and that goes beyond your mouth. You can expect a blood pressure screening, a *fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction for brushing and flossing, and personalized recommendations to maintain your overall health. Every patient has specific needs and goals, so our detailed discussions are as important as the exam and cleaning.

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