Dental Services


Why might I need a root canal?

If your tooth is severely inflamed and infected at the dental root, before the infection spreads further, perhaps to the jawbone, we will perform a root canal in the office. It is also used to treat a dental abscess. A root canal maintains the tooth in the bone, this way, we avoid extraction – meaning we won’t remove the entire tooth.

What will happen during the root canal procedure?

The area to be treated will be numbed and the nerve and pulp from the infected tooth will be cleared away completely. The inside of the tooth will be rinsed of bacteria leaving only the “shell” of the tooth intact. This will leave the tooth weaker and unstable since a portion has been removed. Therefore, we will fit the tooth with a dental crown to protect the tooth and keep its integrity. It will look just like a normal tooth and feel comfortable.

Do I need to follow any special oral care program after the root canal?

You will be advised to rinse your mouth to rid it of any lingering bacteria. Otherwise, brush and floss normally.

root canal xray