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Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Crowns are an excellent solution to restore a tooth that is broken, chipped, cracked, or badly damaged by decay. If your tooth is in such condition and can be repaired with a crown, not only will your tooth’s strength and structure be restored, but your teeth will look better and brighter. The appropriate size and shape will be rebuilt, and the flawless finish will be remarkably natural-looking. Only you will know you’re wearing a crown unless you choose to share your story.

The complete crown process will take more than one visit to the office. During your initial appointment, Dr. Bateson will prepare and reshape your teeth and take an impression, so your crown fits seamlessly and comfortably on top of your damaged tooth. In the interim, you will go home with a temporary crown to cover the damaged tooth. Once the permanent crown is ready and back from the lab, you will come back to the office so we can fit your crown. To be sure it’s feeling fine and looking great, you may return once again a few weeks later to ensure it has a proper fit. Minor adjustments are made right in the office.

When you come in for a dental consultation or a regular dental exam, we can discuss the option of getting a crown if that is something that could restore your tooth. Once we agree it’s the best solution for you, we can start the process right away. Soon enough, your smile will be on track to its proper health and function.