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What is the 3Shape Trios Scanner?

What are the benefits of the 3Shape Trios Scanner?

The 3Shape Trios Scanner is a wireless, lightweight intraoral digital scanner which we may use during your dental appointment. We are excited to offer this innovative technology to our patients, making your appointment more modernized and accurate. Oftentimes, traditional impressions can result in a gag reflex, something that makes the appointment less-than pleasurable, to say the least. The 3Shape Trios Scanner eliminates the need for most situations where traditional impressions would otherwise be taken. With increased comfort, the dental procedure goes more smoothly and you will be at ease every step of the way. Not only is the process swifter in the office, but the 3D configurations of thousands of images allows for a faster turn-around time for the design and delivery of restorations like crowns and dentures. Also, if there is a future need for another repair, new restorations can be easily recreated with the images already stored on file, saving time, money, and alleviating patients from having to give another impression. Accuracy is vastly improved as the various scans and photos are sent digitally to our local lab to create crowns and dentures. It’s the ultimate communication tool, taking dentistry to a new level of sophistication we are proud to provide to you.

By using the latest technology at our practice, we are able to provide patients with the best of care, even outdoing the already accurate examinations you have grown to trust. With the 3Shape Trios Scanner added to Dr. Bateson’s lineup of high-tech tools that make dental exams more efficient, your appointment is progressive and even more proactive than ever before.

If you have any questions prior to our use of this intraoral camera during your next dental exam, please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns. Explaining what your exam entails is just as important as the exam itself. Once you realize how amazing this tool can be, you will be thrilled that it is now part of our overall oral care routine. Cutting edge technology is always a plus, and bringing it to our patients is a pleasure.