Dental Services

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Being proactive with your oral health is extremely important. Your smart choices lead to healthy teeth and gums, and will help to prevent other issues that can be connected conditions including heart disease and diabetes, from forming. Dr. Bateson and her team are on your side, practicing preventive dentistry for optimal oral health.

Proactive dental care is something any patient can commit to, and we are here to make your dental visits to Dr. Bateson’s office something to look forward to. When it comes to holding yourself accountable for your oral health, having a dedicated team to back you up makes the process a breeze. Remember, you don’t have to feel any pain or feel like something’s just not right in order to see us. Coming in for a 6-month dental cleaning and exam may be just the visit that uncovers an asymptomatic problem that we can treat quickly and simply. That’s the prime principle behind preventive dentistry. Coming in, getting cared for, and allowing us to assess your oral health as it is, at the current time. Any changes will be discovered and the necessary treatment will be taken care of before things further develop that can cause you discomfort.

Prevention is key. Planning is a priority. Make yourself the number one most important priority and practice prevention. When you are ready to make an appointment, follow-up exam, or even need to ask us a question, contact our office to do so. We are always here to handle any questions or concerns, be it rescheduling your appointment or getting into details about a specific dental concern or condition. No issue is too inconsequential or too cumbersome to talk about. Dr. Bateson and her team are here to educate our patients about the best dental care and treatments available. We look forward to helping create an optimal oral hygiene plan, and we can’t wait to keep your smile looking sensational. The power is in your hands, and the expertise is at our fingertips!