Dental Services

What is DIAGNOdent?

DIAGNOdent is a device that can not only detect cavities but can also provide Dr. Bateson with a numeric rating of their severity which helps us to determine the best treatment plan for our patients. By using a laser diode to emit light onto the surface of the teeth, decay—even the tiniest amount—is more readily detected. And the sooner we can start your care and treatment, the better off your teeth will be now and in the years to come. There is no need for X-rays, only this light energy that can shine a light on cavities at the source and from the start. We can use DIAGNOdent along with X-rays as well for further study and a more clear diagnosis. The more we can do for our patients, the better the results.

When we use DIAGNOdent technology, the process is pain-free for patients. You won’t feel a thing as we carefully make use of this device during your dental examination. It may be something you have never heard of before, but more and more practices are using DIAGNOdent, and we are on board, too. We are all about making the most of technology to care for your teeth and DIAGNOdent is one way we can safely and effectively take advantage of it for our patient’s benefit.

Are you curious about DIAGNOdent and how we use it? Have you heard of it but have more questions or concerns? We enjoy talking to our patients about what we practice, so please discuss the ins and outs of DIAGNOdent with us the next time you’re in the office. Or, give us a call before your next appointment so we can answer your questions. Technology is terrific, and so are our patients. We go for top-notch tech to make your teeth as healthy as they can be.