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What is Solea® Laser Dentistry?

We are happy to share our enthusiasm for Solea® Laser Dentistry with our patients. The experience patients have had with this CO2 dental laser has been overwhelmingly positive, thanks to pain-free dentistry that delivers precise results. It’s amazing how laser dentistry has enhanced the way patients view their visits to the dentist, since drills and needles are not exactly a walk in the park. But with FDA-approved Solea®, procedures are more pleasurable, patients are calmer, and appointments are effectively more productive.

Nearly all dental procedures involving tissue can make use of Solea®. These include:

Why is Solea® Preferred Over More Traditional Methods?

First and foremost, there are no drills or needles, which also means no stitches. All that unsettling noise and vibration is a non-issue with Solea®. Not to mention, since Solea® is a laser, there’s no numbness – the area being worked on doesn’t need to be treated with anesthesia pre-procedure. As a result, more can be accomplished in one appointment and therefore fewer appointments are required. Procedures utilizing the Solea® Laser are nearly pain-free and post-operative discomfort is almost non-existent.

How Does Solea® Work?

The laser vaporizes targeted tissue using a wavelength of light that delivers thousands of pulses per second. There is zero contact with the teeth, gums, or bones. This creates an analgesic effect so patients barely feel a thing.

Will I Pay More for Solea®?

You won’t pay any more for Solea® procedures and insurance coverage is the same as well.

How Can I Learn More About Solea® Before My Next Appointment?

Visit for more information, or contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have.

Imagine a dental visit that’s anxiety and pain free—and, state-of-the-art. Even the most fearful patients embrace a sense of peacefulness when Solea® is used during their appointments. No other laser out there matches Solea’s® sophistication and we’re among only hundreds of dental practices across the country bringing this technology to patients like you, who deserve dental care at its finest.