Dental Services

What is a Bridge?

A bridge replaces missing teeth (in a series) and attaches to the natural teeth on either side of the series of missing teeth. If you are best suited for a fixed bridge, it will be bonded in place, otherwise, you can opt for a removable bridge which can be taken out for cleaning.

What are the benefits of getting a bridge?

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Supports the cheeks and lips
  • Prevents stress on existing teeth and gums
  • Prevents gum disease
  • Fixes speech issues due to missing teeth

What will the process of getting a bridge be like?

You will visit the office at least two times – once for impressions, the next for fitting. At the initial visit, we will prepare your teeth for attachment so the bridge can adhere properly. We will then take impressions of the teeth to making sure your bite will be comfortable once the bridge put in. The impressions are sent to a laboratory to design your bridge. When you return for step two, the bridge will be fitted and we will make sure it’s comfortable and functional.

How do I keep my bridge clean?

A fixed bridge can be cleaned just like natural teeth. A removable bridge must be taken out for cleaning, then reattached once brushed.