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What are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Having a smile that looks as natural as possible is something that’s important to you. A nice cosmetic result is as rewarding as a cavity that has been repaired. And a durable filling that lasts long and protects properly is the best solution for cavity care and repair. That is why we are fans of tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities. They are metal-free and match teeth naturally, so they are nearly undetectable. The dark, shiny metal is instantly noticeable when you talk, eat, and smile. But tooth-colored fillings are far more aesthetically attractive.

To restore, we bond the tooth-colored filling to the tooth with the cavity, and the result is an “unseen” filling that is more secure and stronger than its metal counterpart. Once the restoration is complete, your teeth will function normally – probably better, if your cavity was causing you pain or discomfort, or limiting your ability to eat normally. Biting down and chewing will resume to functioning as intended before you had the cavity…just now, your cavity will be filled and your tooth better formed, now that it’s fixed.

Tooth-colored fillings are long-lasting depending upon how well you care for your teeth and the severity of the cavity in the first place. When you come to the office for your general dental checkups, we will review the status of the filling to be sure it is still intact and protecting your tooth as it should be. Any repairs that may be required will be taken care of, and can even be done right at that time, depending on the circumstances.

Once your cavity is filled with a tooth-colored filling, you may even forget you have a filling at all. That’s how natural and comfortable they are. Metal fillings are a constant reminder of your dental work; with tooth-colored fillings, we fill it and you can forget it!

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