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7 Beneficial Reasons for Dental Cleanings

Sharing your smile with the world says a lot about your confidence. Hiding it also speaks volumes, whether you know it or not. If you’re hesitant to share yours, there is one action you can take to start feeling more comfortable while also improving your health. Professional dental cleanings will make all the difference in how you feel and look on a daily basis.

Why dental cleanings? Not only will a professional teeth cleaning benefit your smile, but it will also impact your health overall.

Reasons for Dental Cleanings

If you need convincing of the value of regularly scheduled dental cleanings, here are seven beneficial reasons why.

  1. Prevent tooth decay

Brushing and flossing regularly can help keep tooth decay away. However, plaque can build up, especially in hard-to-reach spots. Since this plaque is acidic in nature, the longer it stays, the more tooth enamel you can lose, leading to cavities. Dental cleanings provide a thorough clean of all areas, ensuring plaque doesn’t have a chance to build up and damage your teeth.

  1. Locate potential dental issues

While a thorough cleaning is helpful enough, the added bonus is detection of potential dental issues you may not be aware of at that moment. Your dental hygienist and dentist can detect early signs of issues such as loose, leaky, or broken fillings, defective crowns, or tooth fractures. Some of these can be so minute you won’t even feel anything for weeks, if not months. By knowing they are there, you can take action to get ahead of the pain and discomfort they can cause down the road.

  1. Prevent, identify, or treat gum disease early

A buildup of plaque often leads to gum disease, which can advance and eventually cause tooth loss. Professional cleanings can help prevent this from happening by removing plaque before it can build up and by identifying the early stages of gum disease and treating it accordingly.

The mildest form of gum disease is gingivitis, which is treated with cleanings and most often reversed. If left to advance, you’ll require additional care and treatment measures, such as deeper cleanings targeting the bacteria at the gum line and at the root of the tooth.

A link exists between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases. With regular bi-annual cleanings, you can help prevent gum disease and lower your chances of developing these health conditions.

  1. Eliminate persistent bad breath

Even if you brush your teeth every day, including after that garlic-infused meal, persistent bad breath can linger. The official name for your bad breath is halitosis and often results from dental issues rather than your favorite meal.

If you are already aware of your halitosis, you may avoid gathering with friends and family or going out at all. The best way to keep your bad breath at bay is to focus on establishing and maintaining a healthy mouth. Professional dental cleanings can help with this.

  1. Beautify your smile

Stained or darkening teeth can interfere with your best smile. The most common culprit for this is the foods and beverages you consume on a regular basis, such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Smoking also contributes to dark spots on teeth.

Staining often occurs on the tooth surface or between teeth. With regular dental cleanings, the effects can be reduced. Polishing the tooth surface helps to create a shinier exterior for you to share when you smile.

While cleanings will address staining on the outermost layers and even lighten up some of those darker spots, it isn’t meant to remove them altogether. For that, you will need to consider other treatments, from whitening procedures to the application of veneers.

  1. Improve your health

Medical studies continue to link oral health with overall health these days. A professional dental cleaning every six months can potentially help to lower your risk for certain diseases such as stroke and heart disease.

Inflammation is at the center of many of these diseases. By keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding or treating gum disease early, you’ll be taking proactive steps to improve and maintain your health. Other ways dental cleanings can help is by identifying acid reflux and also oral cancer,

  1. Save money

If you currently have dental insurance, it most likely covers dental cleanings. Take advantage of those benefits, and feel confident about your dental health.

In addition, with regularly scheduled cleanings, any potential dental issues can be detected and dealt with early before they progress. You can avoid the higher costs and inconveniences that come with the more advanced and extensive treatments.

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