Intraoral Camera

Everything You Need to Know About an Intraoral Camera

Dental visits are beneficial to maintaining your oral health and ensuring your smile is the best it can be. Yet, much of what goes on when it comes to dental exams can appear to be a mystery. Thanks to new technology, however, that mystery is beginning to fade and lets you, the patient, become more […]

Dentist Showing Patient X-Rays

The 5 Newest Technologies in Dentistry and How They’ll Shape the Future of Dentistry

Technologies in dentistry continue to evolve, and many of these will shape the future in beneficial ways, especially in improving the overall patient experience. Many are already making a profound impact on both patients and dentists alike, and future possibilities continue to build excitement and expectation. Below are five of these exciting up-and-coming technologies, providing […]


Improving Pediatric Laser Dentistry With Solea

Going to the dentist can be daunting for adults and children alike. Even the simplest routine check-ups can cause stress for patients who would prefer to avoid what may seem like intimidating — and sometimes, invasive — dental tools. However, traditional tools and methods are no longer dental patients’ only option. Leading dentists like Angela […]